DB kitchen and bar- marina concourse

Our vision at Double Barrel Kitchen is to offer a great food experience from when you enter our premises to when you walk out the door.

From the feel of the welcoming fit out design to great food, great coffee, great wine and great service.

Located in the bustling Waterway Shopping Village on the corner of Sunshine Boulevard and

Karbunya Street we are situated right in the heart of the Mermaid Waters,

 Mermaid Beach, Nobby and Miami areas.

We have just won the 92.5 Gold FM Best of the Gold Coast Breakfast for 2018

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Our breakfast and lunch menu offers a collaboration of old favourites with a twist, to new and exciting taste experiences that have to be tried to be believed.

We source the freshest produce from local suppliers and growers, our chef is given every opportunity to delight the most enthused foodie with dishes that heighten the senses with bursts of flavour.

We eat with our eyes and so our dishes and coffees are visually stimulating and add to the holistic experience at Double Barrel Kitchen.

We recently made the top 10 best breakfast on the Gold Coast 2018 as voted for by the public on Crave and now the top 10 voted in the Gold Coast Bulletin

We are very proud of these achievements.

Our menu changes with every season  and we have just released our 2018 Autumn menu so keep an eye out for the new additions.


Coffee is a very important part of the daily ritual for many of us and at Double Barrel Kitchen

we take our coffee very seriously.

We have just been voted in the top 10 best coffee on the Gold Coast 2018 as voted by the public vai the Gold Coast Bulletin.

We have teamed up with the award winning Supreme Coffee Roasters to tantalise the taste buds of the most hard core coffee snob and to those that appreciate a really good cup of coffee.

The love that goes into make this is one in the same.

Our barristers undergo regular training with the Supreme Coffee Roasters to ensure every cup of coffee expressed is delivered to you at its maximum tasting capacity.

We understand the joy that first sip of morning coffee brings.  The DBK blend consists of Costa Rican, Colombian, Sumatran & Ethiopian beans that are merged together to create an unrivalled taste sensation. In milk DBK leaves a sweet milk chocolate note with a depth of caramel and hazelnut.

As a black coffee this blend permeates delicate and sweet notes for an incredibly

refined sensation on the palette.




Where economically possible we will and have undertaken a more environmental responsible

choice to lessen the impact on the environment.

Our choice of disposable packaging has been done with thought.

Our coffee cup paper is sourced responsibly from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo™,

an innovative corn-based bioplastic rather than conventional petroleum-based plastic.

All components of the cups are made from rapidly renewable resources and are certified carbon neutral.

The wood used for the disposable cutlery is

FSC approved.

Plastic food bowls are made from Ingeo™,

a plant-based plastic.

The carbon footprint of Ingeo™ bioplastic is up to 75% smaller than conventional plastics such as PET.

All emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal are offset

through the purchase of carbon credits.

Napkin and paper products all FSC

approved where possible.

The chemical sanitation system is designed to deliver controlled dosing to ensure

over use is contained leading to less harmful chemicals entering the local waste system.